Why I'll never buy Huawei again.

Huawei Nexus 6p

Back in late 2016, I purchased a 128GB Nexus 6p phone built by Huawei from NewEgg.com at a sale price of $538.82. This was my first jump back into Android phones after using Apple products for several years, and I was looking forward to a fresh experience with the new Android devices available.

Doing all the research I could find and knowing that I wanted to get the full, unaltered Android experience, I was sold on Google's flagship "Premium" phone, the Nexus 6p.

I love this phone. It's thin and light, made of solid aluminum and glass, has a great screen, front firing speakers, 128GB of storage, runs stock Android and has a great camera. What's not to like?

Just over a year later, while at work, I got an update and decided to reboot the phone after the install. The phone never worked since!

My phone suffers from the famous "bootloop" issue. This is where something fails in the hardware of the phone (I think in the CPU!) and the phone will continually reboot itself. You never get to the point where you can log in and get anything done, it just keeps rebooting! Several others have the same issue and a class-action lawsuit was started to try and get some resolution from it.

Neither Google nor Huawei claim responsibility for the issue although to me, it's clearly a manufacturer defect and Huawei is responsible. Considering I paid over $500 for what was supposed to be Google and Huawei's flagship "premium" phone, only to get 1 year of use out of it, and now it's worthless, really taught me a lesson in the quality of Huawei's products and how they support their customers. No resolution has come from this experience and apparently, I am out a $500 phone!

I'll never buy Huawei products again.