KC Chiefs Superbowl Champs - Thank ... God?

I've seen several posts on Facebook thanking God for the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl win and I'm a bit confused and have some questions.

Since KC won, does this mean God hates the 49ers? What about the San Francisco fans? Does he hate them too? I'm sure the 49ers and their fans prayed to win the game also so obviously God had to make a choice.

And praying for the other team to lose doesn't seem to be a very Christian thing to do. Also, I thought God loves everyone! Why would He take sides on a football game? And of all things to take sides on, why would He choose a football game?

Since we won, evangelicals are thanking God for the win. But, what if we had lost? The most common excuse I've heard from religious people when things don't go their way is, "God has a plan and it's God's will." Well then, if God has a plan and He's going to do what He wants to anyway, why bother praying at all? Are you really trying to fuck up God's plan? And do you really think, with all of the world's problems, that God gives two shits about a football game?

Not me. I thank the TEAM and the COACHES and the STAFF for the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Win! You know, the real people that put in the hard work to make this happen. Congratulations Kansas City and the Kansas City Chiefs!