Think smarter people!

My response from a previous post that came up in my Facebook news feed:
In general, the "mainstream media" refers to our traditional news outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, the AP, and various long-running newspapers. They have traditionally reported on FACTS and try to be as unbiased as possible. Facts do not fit the propaganda that the far-right (and to a lesser extent, the far-left) need to push in order to get your vote.
If your news and information sources are faux news and it's pundits, right-leaning propaganda like britebart, and "new media" websites like principia-scientifica, then you are going to be horribly misinformed, heavily biased, and of course, make bad voting decisions. Which is what the republican party NEEDS to maintain their party line voters.
Yes, the same can be said for the far-left too, however to a much lesser extent. There seems to be less of these far-left biased media outlets to filter through, the headline statements that these far-left media outlets make are a bit less "sensational", and they certainly don't get the media play, like here on Facebook, that the right-leaning posts get. This is just something I've seen over the years to consider.
I want HONEST information so I can make MY OWN decision, left or right or center doesn't matter to me.
So, when I see a "sensational" post like this one in my news feed, I check the SOURCE of the article and their political leanings first. If it comes from faux news or some asshole like sean hannity or rush limpdick, I know it's going to be biased all to hell to where there's not much TRUTH left in it! No thanks.
Now before you conservative republican Christians JUDGE me, I don't go for MSNBC and CNN stuff either. They are heavily biased from the other direction and again, will not contribute to gaining accurate information.
Check the media bias chart and pick news sources that are more center, and truly "fair and balanced". At least there is less "commentary", which is less bullshit about how rush limpdick FEELS about things and more factual information to base a sound judgement on.
Also, it only takes a minute to look at the information source in the Facebook post, Google search the source to find out how "trustworthy" and how "biased" they are, and then decide if it's worth reading in to or not. There's a LOT of you out here that post some really outrageous shit without looking up the source and/or considering how smart and informed it makes you look. Not only can it make one look foolish, but when you re-post this crap, it helps spread bad information to other gullible folks!
Think smarter people...