Tips for Red Dead Redemption 2

My growing list of hints and tips for RDR2!

General Tips

  1. You can use multiple markers on the map to mark interesting places you want to revisit.
  2. Horses ears will tell you their mood. Ears up = friendly, ears down = mean.
  3. Have gunsmiths clean your guns for you as it is quicker to do and cheaper than using gun oil.
  4. When looting other horses, be sure to check both sides of the saddle bag.
  5. When cooking, season your food to make it better for your Cores.
  6. Doing your chores at camp will increase your Dead Eye.
  7. Tackling someone with the lasso in your hand will automatically hogtie them.
  8. Commit a small crime? Instead of running away, apologize to the local lawman and he might let you go free, bountyless!
  9. Two or three quick whistles will get your horse to come to you quicker.
  10. Premium cigarette packs have collectible cards inside them, but you can only hold one pack at a time. Keep smoking (or throw them away) to get more collectible cards.
  11. Use left stick (and Y) to control which side of your horse you dismount on.
  12. Press Y anywhere to rest and craft. No fire needed.
  13. While holding a weapon, press Up on the D-pad to shoot in the air to scare off predators or intimidate witnesses.
  14. Hold X while looting drawers to loot all of them (instead of one at a time).
  15. Double-tap LB to do a cool trick while holstering your weapon. Only works on pistol?
  16. You can hitch a ride with any NPC if you ask them.
  17. Before giving them money, test blind beggars by pointing a gun at them. They might be lying!
  18. Getting hit or run over by a train is one of the few ways your horse can be instantly killed! No option to revive.
  19. Hold X to purchase the maximum ammo you can (instead of one at a time).
  20. Backup (reverse) carriages by pressing RB.

Making Money

  1. Deliver stolen carriages to the Fence in Emerald Ranch.
  2. Playing poker. The other NPC players (the AI) are not that great and you can pretty easily win decent gains.
  3. Capturing criminals for Lawmen (bounties) when available are a good way to earn money and honor.
  4. Robbing passenger trains. But it's risky! Be aware that the bounties for these activities, should you get caught, far outweigh what you'll get in loot!