Washed out color in 1080p on 1440p monitors


  1. You have a monitor connected using HDMI or DP

  2. You starting a game in not native resolution (often happens when you trying to switch to 1080p mode on a 1440p monitor)

  3. You notice the contrast goes down, the colors looks kinda washed out and the whole picture looks gray.

  4. Switching back to native resolution fixes the colors.


This happens because NVidia Control Panel remembers color settings for every resolution individually. And when you're working in Windows in native resolution, everything is fine, but when you switch to some other resolution, it doesn't use your settings, it uses some stored settings.

The solution:

  1. Open NVidia control panel

  2. Change desktop resolution to 1920x1080 (or any other resolution you're experiencing problems in), hit "Apply" (the colors should be grayish after doing this).

  3. Change "output dynamic range" to "full". Hit "Apply" again (the colors should be fine now)

  4. Change resolution back to your monitor native.