Don’t buy a Muzishare X7 from “TubeAmplifierStore” on Amazon. Don’t do it!

This is the short version. The detailed version can be found here.

I ordered a new Muzishare X7 Hifi Amplifier on from ‚ÄúTubeAmplifierStore‚ÄĚ on September 3, 2022 for $1499.40 and received the unit about a week later.

Out of the box, on occasion, the amp would red-plate one of the four output tubes! Which output tube the amp would red-plate varied and the time to red-plate one of these tubes varied from 2-3 days to a week or more between events. During that time, I spent hours troubleshooting and documenting things with their service tech to try and isolate what was happening. Eventually, I was authorized to send the amp in for warranty service, which I did. The service center had the amp for a few weeks and then sent it back to me. It was not fixed and still red-plating output tubes at various times for no apparent reason.

At this time, I requested that we exchange the red-plating X7 amp for a new unit. The exchange was approved but I had to pay the shipping charge to send the red-plating amp back to the service center in Wisconsin, a $144.00 expense! A few weeks later, they sent me the replacement. To my surprise, it was NOT a new unit but an old version of the amp (not including XLR inputs), abused with scratches all over and some kind of green discoloration on the top of the transformers.

I immediately contacted the service center and sent them pictures of the replacement they sent me and asked, “What now?” Seriously? Did anyone even try to check this thing before they sent it out? They authorized another exchange for another used unit in better condition than this one after reminding me that I am out of the “exchange window”. So, now they think they are doing me a favor?

Without another choice, I had to agree to exchange this abused, used unit for another one in better condition, which they did.

However, they still sent me an old X7 without XLR inputs, which is not the correct replacement for what I ordered!

So, to sum it all up, I payed $1650.00 to “TubeAmplifierStore”, and waited over 9 months, for an old, used X7 that is not even the same model amp I purchased.

Don’t buy from “TubeAmplifierStore” on Amazon. Don’t do it!