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The Slow Demise of Facebook?

Wow. The amount of political (vastly red) bullshit on here is appalling. I can't even find my friends and family posts between the weeds. The "book of faces" has turned into nothing but a political dog shit, slug fest. It's become a way to promote falsehoods and misinformation (lies) to feed feeble minded folks that refuse to research and admit the truth, especially to themselves. And the space between the writing keyboard and the reader has allowed people to become truly mean, disrespectful, and ugly to anyone that will read their ramblings.

I'm a computer geek, and I'm old enough to have watched Facebook grow from the start. Facebook started as a way for family and friends to share things together and for distant family to "catch up" and be closer to each other. You know, bringing friends and family together. Posts were about that test little Jimmy passed yesterday, how your mom made meatloaf at dinner last night, that big fish your dad caught on the lake, personal stuff that was worth reading. And then came the money....

KC Chiefs Superbowl Champs - Thank ... God?

I've seen several posts on Facebook thanking God for the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl win and I'm a bit confused and have some questions.

Since KC won, does this mean God hates the 49ers? What about the San Francisco fans? Does he hate them too? I'm sure the 49ers and their fans prayed to win the game also so obviously God had to make a choice.